2, 4, 8, 16, 32 OZ

1.0 Gallon

2.5 Gallons

5.0 Gallons

Product Features

Provides Azadirachtin 15,000 ppm with balanced Limonoids.

Natural active & inert based odor free formulation.

Formulation provides micro-emulsion properties.

Provides enhanced repellency, anti-feedant & IGR effects.

Dual bioactivity on defoliators and sucking pests.

The formulation stands improved UV stability and residual activity on plants.

Provides good systemic and foliar uptake.

Provides improved wetting, spreading and translocation.

Special crop safety to Interiorscapes & Flowers.

Special formula to keep crop waxes and blooms.

OMRI Organic Certified and USDA- NOP compliant.

Product Benefits

Controls broad spectrum insects - caterpillars, aphids, whiteflies, mites, thrips etc.

Ideal Organic and IPM pest management tool.

Ideal insect resistance and residue management product.

Crop residue tolerance exempted.

Improves efficacy of insecticides and fungicides.

Product Use Recommendations

16-20 OZ/ acre for all speciality row crops as foliar and chemigation use.

16-20 OZ/ 50,000 Sq. ft. for greenhouse crops.

0.02-0.16% for greenhouses, shade cloths, nurseries and soil-less medium crops.

Refer labels for specific crops in detail and complete application instructions.

Recommended crops

For Agriculture and Commercial Use, Greenhouse, Shade House, Interior scape, Nursery, Outdoor and Indoor Food Crops, Turf grass, Outdoor Shrubs, Trees, Ornamentals, Home and Garden Use.