Our Company

We are a company with a very strong foundation in natural as well as sustainable plant production and protection products with major interest in food safety. In order to ensure environmentally responsible products, our products are manufactured from resources with lowest carbon footprint. We strongly believe that sustainable plant care products and practices are vital for long-term profitable plant production.

Our Goal

With the global population anticipated to increase to 9 billion over the next four decades, increased food production requirements with reduced crop area is a global challenge. Hence, increased productivity efforts through sustainable method attain greater importance than ever before. Our goal is to innovate natural, organic and sustainable products for plant production and protection to support passionate growers, landscapers, hobby and home gardeners.

Our Scientific Vision

We hold a strong passion for plant bio-nutrition and bio-rational products for comprehensive plant benefits. Our products provide key bio-nutritional support to mitigate plant deficiencies, biotic and abiotic stress and physiological disorders that ultimately makes pest and disease management effective, economical and ecologically responsible.

Our Promise

We consider the health of our customers, consumers and the environment as our number one priority. To meet this important objective, our products are derived from natural and GRAS material sources.

Our Mission

Innovate and manufacture products for plant productivity in following areas:

     ♦ Crop productivity enhancement with natural plant nutrients

     ♦ Crop health enhancement with natural plant supplements

     ♦ Crop resistance enhancement with natural plant elicitors

     ♦ Crop protection and food safety with bio-rational products

Our Location


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Website: www.ecostadt.com

Email: info@ecostadt.com

Telphone: +1-(916) 357-6607| FAX: +1-(916) 357-6501